Engaging consumers has never been easier

Consumers want to feel connected to brands and their stories, and when it comes to purchasing products and discovering trends, consumers’ most trusted sources have become creators, not traditional celebrities or brands.

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Marketing for the 21st century generation

If you want millions of people to be regularly in touch of your product, then you are at the right place. Youtubers are this generation’s story tellers, who make your products as trending in the market. Their audience trusts them and follows their advice on the latest products, brands and services.

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Signing up for GryNow is free and since you set your budget, you are in control of how much you spend. Influencing market can be started for as low as INR 500 to as much as your budget allows.

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Getting started is simple

  • Complete Your Brand Info

    Fill in your brand’s web and social media links, and any brand imagery to inspire your content creation collaborators.

  • Outline your Campaign

    Say what your campaign is about and give information about the kind of influencers and social platforms you want to work with. Write post guidelines for youtubers and set your campaign budget.

  • Interested Influencers apply

    Once approved and live, your campaign gets visible to our network of indian influencers. Interested influencers apply for collaborations within 24 hours. Each influencer has her own profile with metrics to help you decide whether you want to engage them.

  • View and approve Proposals

    Interested creators will send you proposals with details describing the type of content they would like to create for your brand, for which platform, along with their fee and completion date.

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over 25,000 hand-picked influencers

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over 25,000 hand-picked influencers